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Workshops and Lessons

What holds you back in your art? Maybe it's getting a likeness or matching skin tones accurately. Whatever problems you are facing trust that there is a solution! Anyone can learn to draw and paint, and it is my pleasure to share the skills I have gathered in my life as an artist. Contact me directly to inquire about weekend in person workshops in Cleveland or private/group or Zoom lessons from my studio.

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Learn in your own way!

A small number of students can join me weekly in my studio while I work along side them in 1-3 hour sessions.  Live Zoom lessons are also available so you can study from afar! We can work on whatever you are struggling with, and you get a chance to see me working on a portrait commission in real time. My training is in classical drawing and traditional portraiture and I am happy to teach you all the different skills and methods I have learned over the years from my teachers who include Everett Raymond Kinstler, Daniel Green, Paul McCormack and Frank Covino


Let's get started today!


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